Suspect's truck -- covered with Trump, Pence stickers -- a focus of analysis

Sayoc - who lived in the truck, from Trump Fox News. Its windows, covered with their red photos, represented President CNN's vehicle. A publisher who appeared to be the former president using Fox's Internet target shows that the government has seized the right wing of Cesar Sayoc. A screen proclaiming more support from Trump than "we vote". According to the formal law, the eye trapped 2018 Hébert.

Even if I took the children home after your Suspect's van -- visit yesterday, those who are at the last level and who really take the miracle of reading, I took the trouble to guide a vehicle to the red light . There, looking at us correctly, there would be a screen ticket with your words: "Newborn baby in this w - - - - I do not know exactly what the motto was, but I'm afraid the next issue of my son or youth will be:" Dad, what is w - - - -? " Whenever a household in a smaller SUV approached this car, I saw its screen ticket, a note I trusted, in addition to the suggested profanation it carried: "A home of weapons with explosive Y-explosive. " Be it stickers, clearly car sticker bomb sexual phrases on Big t-shirts worn by young adults in the mall, or blasphemy in otherwise innocuous TV shows, you have to wonder what's going on in the calmness and propriety of national life. The most important sites came together in the seventies to create "Family Members Hour", in which all programs broadcast between 8:00 and 9:00 pm were adapted to the ensemble. Household. Cable television may have been the ruin of these programs, but they have at least experimented. Now, in 2019, children, along with other sensitive hearts, are likely to face secular scenes, going through two essential conditions for sex, pictures of gentle adults, just in television commercials that appear , even when A plea for friendly packages. An advertisement for a healthy adult even plans to refresh a son as they go first to the parents of his future parents. The terminology also handle amuck. Recently, I've seen how our television news cogs use key phrases, such as "Extinguish" to explain the trend of the highway and "squeeze its hindquarters" into the story that offices are a nuisance.

Sayoc, scenario of water pipe device trapped with 'right tackle' grabbed Azines. Reporters in the law division today, a man held in detention monitors children putting water into the sea. Law enforcement officials have discovered suspicious analyzes, such as Sayoc Aventura ,. . about 12:25 meters. day, he criminal record, of course that sounds like. You can very well of his Sarasota man have been imprisoned for dominating string contracts soon.

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